A Personal Post Dedicated to Daniel as I Become a Full-Time Photographer

One of my FAVE photos from our wedding day, shot by  Bri Cibene Photography

One of my FAVE photos from our wedding day, shot by Bri Cibene Photography

We are getting a little personal on the blog today. As most of you know, my husband and I are moving to Tampa, and transitioning into new stages of our careers. I am making the shift to become a full-time entrepreneur, and he is furthering his career in retail. 

Not going to lie… this season of life is hard. REALLY HARD. I maybe get to see my husband for a few hours a day… and one of us is usually sleeping. Here is the thing, I know this is all temporary. 

It is weird for me to not only share my emotions, but to share them so publicly. But this man deserves it, and it is worth every ounce of vulnerability.



Thank you. Simply, thank you. 

I can’t believe that you were put into my life with such purpose. You push me to be a better person. A better woman. A better entrepreneur. I don’t think I will EVER be able to show you how grateful I am for letting me follow my path, even though it is so risky. 

The year ahead of us is going to be the most difficult year of our relationship. The next year is also going to be the most rewarding. This year will set up the foundation for our family and our legacy. 

I appreciate your sacrifice of working long days, and coming home to a wife who has been sitting behind a computer screen for hours… and who might be slightly tired and cranky. But I appreciate your vision for the bigger picture and for our future, despite the lack of time we get to spend together on a daily basis. This will be worth it. I promise. 

You are the strongest, and kindest, person I know. I have never been more in love with you. Thank you for allowing me to follow my passion, and for believing in my dreams just as much as I do. 


This is marriage. The stage in life my husband and I are about to enter (I’ll be traveling back and forth to Tampa for weeks at a time through August) is the stuff people warn you NOT to do in a marriage. This is the stuff people gripe and complain about on a daily basis.  This situation WILL throw us curve balls every single day. 

I am beyond ready to make the leap into full time entrepreneurship, but he will be there WHEN I fail along the way. He has always been there through the long working nights, and the weekends full of photoshoots. 

I know this post isn’t like my other posts… but if you can take one thing away from this… get you a husband like mine ;) haha! I’m just kidding. 

The key takeaway here is that hard work will pay off, and if you are fortunate enough to have a support system like the one I have, you need to thank them. Thank them with all of your heart.