Amber Nicole Photography: Extinct

Yes… you read that correctly, this is the announcement I have been hinting at for four weeks now. Amber Nicole Photography is no longer open for business. Now, before you continue further, I am not quitting photography as a whole, rather I am re-positioning my service offerings.


I have realized that after about two years in the wedding industry, that it is not my true calling. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for my upcoming nuptials, and I think weddings are an amazing moment shared between two people and their families. I am just being drawn to a different side of photography.  I still believe STRONGLY in the importance of quality wedding photographs, and that those moment may only be re-lived through photos.


However, I also believe in the importance of portraits of those you love. I believe that life’s other moments are equally as important. I believe that EVERYONE should have their portrait taken as frequently as possible, in order to capture every important detail and moment. I believe that EVERYONE should feel beautiful/handsome when looking at themselves in a printed photograph.


I want you to think of the time you may have lost a loved one, and the first place you looked for a beautiful memory of your loved one was documented by a portrait. Or when your youngest child is graduating from high school, and you look back to the portrait of her when she was able to hardly sit up on her own. Or when your baby boy is getting married, and you look back to when he had braces, and an innocent smile on his face.


The idea of existing in photographs intrigues and fuels my passion for photography. I want to spread the idea of printing your photos… because hey, it is kind of hard to frame a USB flash drive. With all of that being said, I am now launching Amber Nicole Portrait, Jacksonville’s newest boutique portrait photography studio!


I would love to have you follow along in my journey to becoming a portrait photographer:


INSTAGRAM | @ambernicoleportrait



P.S. I will be completing this year out as a wedding photographer, but I will not be booking any 2017 (and beyond) weddings. If you are in search of a wedding photographer, I have a network of other photographers that I trust, and I would be more than happy to refer them to you. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have, and see my website for full details and service offerings!