So I recently had a photo session in San Marco, in Jacksonville, Florida. For those who are native to Florida, you know just how hot June can get… and it’s not just the heat…. but also the humidity. This last Saturday it was 97 degrees outside with a heat index of 104! I was an absolute mess despite wearing shorts and a white t-shirt, even though it may have not been the most professional thing to wear.



Here are a few tips to keep cool while photographing the session:

  • Bring a water bottle and a towel: staying hydrated will beat out any symptoms of dehydration (obviously) keeping you cooler. I use a towel to keep any sweat off of my face that may drip onto my camera.

  • Wear your hair in a stylish updo/ponytail: I can’t stress this enough!! I am the kind of girl to ALWAYS wear my hair down, but you will instantly cool off by getting the hair off of your neck. It can also be fashionable, and not your typical 90’s high pony.

  • Find shade wherever possible: This is a big one, not only for better lighting, but also for your sanity. Just by finding shade the temperature could drop by 10 or even 15 degrees!!

  • So despite those obvious tips, here are a few tips to ensure that your client is feeling comfortable and confident!

  • If they look uncomfortable… they probably are: Make sure if they are wearing something that is not suitable for the heat, snap a few shots and have them change outfits. No one likes being hot and sweaty.

  • Prepare your clients in advance: Warn them of the weather forecast ahead of time, and do some prep in advance to ensure that they are wearing suitable clothing for the environment.

  • Play on props: If the heat is excruciating, ask the clients to wear a hat or sunglasses and have fun with it! Make it part of the session and make it look good!

  • BONUS: treat them to a Starbucks or other refreshing treat during or after the session. This earns you bonus points with the client, and also makes them comfortable in the ridiculous weather.

If you have any other tips, feel free to comment below and let me know what you think! Despite the heat all of the girls that came out look gorgeous!!

Check out the full gallery of this fun shoot in San Marco here!