In Jacksonville, FL, I sit among some of the MOST talented creatives I have ever met in my life. The passion and energy that flows within the small, creative businesses baffles me day in and day out. I feel selfish just keeping what I know about these biz owners all to myself. 

Friendor (a combo of "friend" and "vendor") Friday is a four part series of interviews with some of my favorite wedding business owners in North East Florida. I have asked each of them a series of questions, so that you can get to know them a little better, and understand why they love what they do! Here is a list of my Friendors being featured:

  1. PART ONE: Ashlyn Krall, Loba Design Co.
  2. PART TWO: Caleb + Charlee Stoner, Generation Y Entertainment
  3. PART THREE: Tanya Hendricks, Southern Charm Weddings & Events
  4. PART FOUR: Kerrie Hileman, The White Magnolia

Last week you met Ashlyn of Loba Design Co. for Part One of Friendor Friday. Now I want to introduce you to two of the most awesome people I know... Charlee and Caleb of Generation Y Entertainment. This duo provide an amazing experience, far above the rest of the "wedding DJ" world. Also, at the end of this four-part series, I have a HUGE announcement to make! So stay tuned! 


1. Who are YOU as a biz owner?

Caleb: I am a dreamer/thinker/entrepreneur constantly thinking of new ideas that could change or make a difference in this world

Charlee: I am the organization behind GYE; Planning, timelines, social media management, etc. I make sure Caleb's ideas are well implemented and that our business has focus and clarity.

2. What is the primary focus of your business?

Caleb & Charlee: Helping the bride & groom bridge the gap between what they want in a wedding DJ and what is available to them.


3. Why do you LOVE what you do?

Caleb: I enjoy tapping into the creative side of the business and exploring all of the music. There is a moment at every wedding during dancing where everyone seems to connect through the music and cohesively responds in a way that is hard to explain with words... We refer to this moment as the time when magic is created and it takes the "party" to a whole new level!

Charlee: I LOVE that we get to help our couples. The moment I see our bride & groom go from worried, during the early stages of that first meeting, to excited because they know that they are in the hands of professionals who will take care of them.. that moment is priceless. They come to us with questions about what will work, what to expect, etc etc, and I love being able to be that voice of experience to ease their minds and help them bring their vision to life! I love the trust they put into us for such an important part of their wedding, and I love when they come up to us at the end of the night, or text us in their getaway car, or write us an email while they are on their honeymoon sitting on a balcony in Mexico, just to say "Thank you so much, you guys were absolutely amazing, and I'm so glad we chose you!"


4. If there was one piece of advice you could give to a bride, what would it be?

Caleb & Charlee: Hire professionals whom you can trust with upholding the integrity of your wedding!


5. Just for fun… if you had a million dollars… what would you do with it?

Caleb: I hope that I would be generous with most of it by giving it to those that are less fortunate. With the remainder, I would upgrade all of our equipment and put a down payment on a venue!

Charlee: $1 Million can go really fast! I would invest $100k into stocks and retirement. I would donate $100k to charity. I would give about $100k to our immediate family. With the remaining $700k I would buy 50-100 acres of land and build a small house, a chicken coop, a dog shelter, a bunk house, a venue, and a garden. The big idea would be for the whole thing to be self-sustaining and give back to the community. Any profits from the venue would go toward the upkeep of the property and animals, employing veterans, and hosting a summer camp for kids.

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