In a typical Florida fashion, the weather was bi-polar all day long. In between all the showers, I was able to photograph the adorable Gilliland family on Saturday. We started the photo session underneath the gigantic, low-hanging tree at Treaty Oak Park. I was able to capture a few emotion filled photos beneath the branches, despite a million other people hanging out at the park.  

Emma and Aiden are two of the most adorable, and energetic blondies ever!! The two of them were running around, and their laughter was contagious. At one point, Aiden had three grown adults chasing him, and I am sure we were a spectacle to see. Might I add, their mom did this wearing 5 inch heels!! We ended the night at Sweet Petes for some amazing sea-salt, caramel taffy and a fun game of "Match." I can't believe how terrible my memory is, and 5 year old Emma almost beat me. I got lucky for a few of my turns, and we ended in a tie of 15-15.