I started my morning work routine by heading into the break room for a granola bar, a cup of green tea and to refill my bottle of water. I approached the industrial sized, and rather smelly, refrigerator to fill my large, red bottle with some water and ice. Life’s biggest epiphanies happen at the smallest, most mundane moments. I then realized that life is like this stupid, in-door ice dispenser.

Before you think I am crazy, hear me out.

There are one of three things that happen at these ice dispensers:

  1. You are so determined to get ice, yet the cubes may not fit in your bottle

  2. You find out that these ice cubes do, in fact, fit in your bottle, but nothing comes out of the dispenser, despite your efforts of practically beating the refrigerator to death

  3. You are so overwhelmed with the amount of ice that is dispensed from the machine, and you realize there are enough ice cubes on the floor to sink the Titanic

The one thing that never happens… you get the perfect amount of ice, on the first try, and it all lands inside your perfect recyclable, BPA-free waterbottle that you paid way too much for at Target. Life doesn’t work the way you want it to. Like, ever.

Option 1: There are certain things in life that you may want and/or need, but they may not be available to you at this very moment. You need to work a little harder, or figure out a way to make things work to obtain this thing that you are seeking. You could run some hot water over that ice cube to make it fit. You could find a larger water bottle. You could even forget about the ice cube, and just get water.

Option 2: Things in life may seem to fit perfectly, and you believe it is the right time to obtain this certain thing in your life. You then wonder, why isn’t this happening for me? You can hear the refrigerator grinding away trying to give you the ice that you so desire, and you are so desperate and upset when you do not receive it.

Option 3: Woohoo! The ice fits, the ice machine is working, and all of a sudden… it hits you, and you are overwhelmed. Isn’t life just funny that way? You are finally able to achieve this thing in your life, and it is flying fast in your direction, yet it is just too much. You become stressed.

You will be able to achieve that want and/or need in your life, but it will always be a process. It is very rare to get the perfect amount of ice to fall into your bottle on the first try without some assistance. You often go through one of the situations above (or multiple… heck, sometimes all three) before you achieve what you have set out to do.

Just remember, life is like a box of chocolates… uh, I mean ice cube dispensers.

How adorable is this tumbler from  Loba Design Co. ?! You can find it in their  shop    HERE  !

How adorable is this tumbler from Loba Design Co.?! You can find it in their shop HERE!