As most of you know, I am going to be a bride come Spring 2017. It has been so difficult in making the transition from thinking like a wedding photographer to thinking like a bride. Let’s be real… I had my photographer picked out before I was engaged. Other than marrying my best friend, this is my number one priority!

I have been panicking over all of the small details that don’t even matter quite yet, and I have a very long time to plan this wedding. But, I have accomplished one thing. Bridesmaid gifts! So today… I bring you a DIY bridesmaid gift. It may not be the most elaborate gift ever, but I was trying to think of comfort for my girls on the big day. The DIY gift includes:

  • Robe
  • DIY hanger
  • Necklace with handmade note
  • Bridesmaid clutch
  • Day of emergency kit
  • Wedding Details kit

Check back in the coming year for more posts on how my wedding planning is coming along!