When Danielle, owner of The Copper Closet, sent me an idea for a eerie shoot full of smoke bombs, and beautiful models... I said "YES" without batting an eyelash. All of the people involved in this shoot were troopers! We fought off pesky mosquitos (probably Zika infected...jk...but not really), crazy wind gusts, and a ton of stinky smoke. 

This shoot was so surreal, and the photos are some of my favorite of all time. This shoot though, was FAR from easy. The models literally had to run with the smoke as it blew away in the wind, and the smoke only lasted for about two minutes. We had a full crew of professionals, and the shoot wouldn't have been successful without them, so make sure you show them some love:

WARDROBE + STYLING: The Copper Closet  |  ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaime Morel  |  VIDEOGRAPHER: Russell Ian  |  MODELS: Emily, Lexa, Hope, Haley, Elaina  | SMOKE BOMB AFICIONADO: My fiance, Daniel Romero  |  FULL GALLERY CLICK HERE

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