So most people don’t believe me when I say I have wanted to be a photographer since I was a child. But it is the truth. I have done anything and everything in between, trying to figure out what I ultimately wanted to do with my life. I am a millennial. I grew up in a generation that has seen the boom of the internet, Y2K, horrible recessions, and plenty of economic reform. The push in my education was to always find a high paying job. I knew I was never going to find a high paying job as an artist. I could never, realistically, become a photographer.

Photo Courtesy of:    Kaity Dinklocker

Photo Courtesy of: Kaity Dinklocker

In high school, I opted for the military and scientific route for my career. The ultimate goal was to become some kind of medical officer in the Air Force. I worked my way up to become the first female battalion commander at Riverview High School. That is where I thought my life was heading. The last month of my senior year, I was in a terrible car accident, which put an end to any kind of military career.

I always had the plan to go to college, so I started at the University of South Florida in August of 2010 as a pre-med major. I ultimately thought of becoming a physical therapist or an athletic trainer. I took one chemistry class… and I absolutely HATED everything about it. I opted for the business route and switched my major to Marketing. I thought this was the safe choice back then, I now realize, it was the best decision I ever made.

Photo Courtesy of:  Blue Lane Studios

Photo Courtesy of: Blue Lane Studios

I was always working in college. I worked at many places from retail, to a yogurt shop, to different marketing internships. Then I was given the opportunity to work at Studio One to One, a retail photography studio in the mall. I was FINALLY given the chance to show my creativity and pursue my photographic passions. This was the most demanding job I have EVER had, but the most beneficial… and from then on I have never looked back.

It has taken a long time to hone my photographic style and my skills. I know I will never stop learning, and I never want to. I love photography because I am able to capture a moment… in real time… that can be seen, and appreciated, for the future. In my opinion, a portrait is the most valuable possession for families to pass down for generations to come.

A photo is irreplaceable.  A photo is timeless.  A photo is forever.

This is why I am a photographer.